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Justice Otchere

About the Provider

I am Board Certified with American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPMR), ABPM eligible, member of the American Medical Association (AMA), and fellowship-trained in advanced interventional spine procedures and sports medicine at OSS Health. I completed my medical education and residency training at Loma Linda University in California. My goal in my practice is restoring function using advanced interventional procedures with fluoroscopy and ultrasound guidance, electrophysiology (NCS/EMG), regenerative medicine, musculoskeletal medicine, pain management, holistic approach, and rehabilitation.

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Princess Otchere

About the Clinical Office Manager

Princess Otchere is a Board-certified registered nurse (RN-BSN) in the state of California. After the completion of her nursing education at Azusa University, she worked in York Hospital. She is compassionate and caring with the depth of knowledge in patient care. She has numerous years in hospitality services working with developmentally disabled persons, and she always puts her patients first. Her goal is to make your experience in J&P SPINE CENTER INC a pleasant and worthwhile one.